Mark Baldwin Memorial Bench Fund Raiser


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Calumet and Cross Heritage Society is raising funds to purchase and install a bench in Brothertown, Wisconsin’s Union Cemetery in honor of our friend and founding President, Mark Baldwin. Please go to to learn more. All donations are appreciated.

Even a small donation could help us reach our fundraising goal. If you can’t make a donation, it would be great if you could share the fundraiser to help spread the word.

Brothertown’s old ME church bell now at Oneida Church

This recording of the old Brothertown Methodist Episcopal Church bell, was sent in by Matthew Haen, a Hammer descendant. This bell now resides at Oneida Church in Wisconsin and it is here that this recording was made. The iron bell from Brothertown has been in use at Oneida for over 50 years.

The old Methodist Episcopal Church in Brothertown, Wisconsin
Appleton Post-Crescent article from Sunday, March 5, 1967; p 18
January 2022: Updated clip of the old Brothertown Methodist church bell ringing (while at Oneida church). Thanks to Matthew Haen, a Hammer descendant, for the audio and Will Ottery, Sampson descendant, for marrying the audio with a photo of the old church.

Peacemaker’s Meeting Saturday


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This Saturday at 11 am CT is the monthly Peacemaker’s meeting via Zoom. Per head Peacemaker Elsen, ALL Brotherton, enrolled or not, are invited to attend.

The Peacemakers are the judiciary branch of our tribal government and have been an important part of Brothertown since at least September 4, 1797 (the first written record we have from them). Our current Peacemakers work hard to protect our people and to ensure that they, and the tribe, are operating according to our constitution. They are a welcoming group; always happy to speak to their constituents and to offer support and counsel.

Please contact me, or the Peacemakers via email, for login information.

Happy Samson Occom Day!

Father, we thank You for the life and service of Samson Occom whom You sent to be a light to everyone around him but especially to his brethren in the flesh. We thank You for the shower of blessings his life, even still, continues to water us with today. May we, inspired by his example, work tirelessly for the good of our neighbor, be an instrument of Your peace, “fight the good fight”, and always sing Your praises.

Upcoming Samson Occom Day


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Just a reminder that Samson Occom Day is coming up this Wednesday! For those who may have missed the news, in 2020, the Brothertown Indian Nation Council established July 14th as an annual Brothertown Indian Nation holiday. It is the 2nd national holiday instituted by our tribal nation. The other is Eeyawquittoowauconnuck Day which is celebrated on November 7th; the day Occom recorded in his journal as the date of the formal founding of our “body politick”.

How do you plan to celebrate?

For further reading on Samson Occom, please follow this link:

The Brothertown Indian Nation’s Joseph Johnson Award

The Joseph Johnson award was instituted by our Tribal Council in 2008. This award has only been given out three times in our history. The first recipient was Bernard “Boots” Sampson, the 2nd was Caroline K. Andler and today, the 3rd recipient is Mark Baldwin. Mark’s award is unique in that he is the only member to whom this award was bestowed posthumously. Thank you to Tribal Council for honoring Mark’s dedication and outstanding service to the Brothertown Indian Nation.

For more information, please see the following blog post by Brothertown Forward:

Remembering Mark

He fought like a warrior for the good of our Nation
wielding paper and pen and vociferous oration
He’d let fly the arrows of well-organized thought
Feathered with wording so precisely wrought

The Brotherton Messenger, grants, and petitions
Documentaries, errands, and Council positions
Brothertown Forward and Calumet and Cross
Now struggle to recover from this gigantic loss

In Wisconsin or California; wherever he’d roam
His heart was with Brothertown; his ancestral home
He now sings in Heaven’s own “hollowed out square”
With Occom, Commuck, and the Brotherton there

Invitation to Submit Family Photos


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Dear family and friends,

I am beginning to collect photos and stories for Calumet and Cross’s 2022 Brothertown calendar, “Brothertown:  7 tribes; 7 generations”.  The plan is to highlight a different family each month with pictures of 7 generations of that family along with a brief family bio.  If you would like to have your family featured in the calendar, please contact me. Priority will be given to early submissions.  Thank you!