Because the Brothertown Indians are so widely dispersed and no longer share a common living area, participation has been somewhat limited for those who live at a distance from the Tribal headquarters in Wisconsin. However, recently, the Tribe has begun taking some very important steps in the quest towards greater unity and participation amongst all citizens.

In October, we witnessed the very first Tribal Council meeting broadcast in real time online. In fact, online attendees just barely outnumbered those attending the meeting in person in Fond du Lac. For many, this was the first Council meeting they had ever seen. For others, it had been a while. Although those online had minimal interactions with Council, they interacted liberally with one another via an onscreen chat option. Thus, the success of this endeavor was two-fold; citizens were able to witness a Council meeting and hear their leaders in real time, plus they were able to interact with other Brothertown citizens across the country.

Another online option for connecting with Brothertown relatives is via the “Let’s Talk Together” video chat session which is held the first Friday of every month beginning at 7:30 CT. If you are a Brothertown descendant and would like to join in, you can find details on the BIN Facebook page or contact me through this site.

Next, a set of community meeting sessions has been added to the Brothertown calendar. These sessions will be broadcast live from Fond du Lac and input will be sought from all attendees whether in person or online. Please check the members only section of the BIN website for updates and links or feel free to contact me for more information. Click here for more info on the planning meetings and here for the 2016-2017 Brothertown calendar.

Finally, an account has been set up to help pay for the items in the Brothertown Collection. This collection includes hundreds of photos, letters, records and other items. It was purchased and is being cared for on our behalf by the Oneida Nation. Please go to to donate to the repayment of this debt. All funds go to Brothertown Nation, Inc.