231 years ago, on Monday November 7, 1785, in New York, “Brotherton” was officially named and held its first political meeting.

Samson Occom commemorated in his journal, “But now we proceeded to form into a Body Politick,— We Named our Town by the Name of Brotherton, in Indian Eeyawquittoowauconnuck*— J: Fowler was chosen clerk for this town Roger waupiehDavid FowlerElijah WympyJohn Tuhy, and Abraham Simon were Chosen a Committee or trustees for the Town, for a Year and for the future, the Committee is to be Chosen Annually, — and Andrew Acorrocomb, and Thomas Putchauker were chosen to be Fence Viewers to Continue a Year.”
The following day Occom participated in a day of prayer and fasting with our neighboring brothers the Stockbridge.
I invite you all to join me in a commemorative day of prayer and fasting for the Brothertown Tribe this Monday, November 7th, 2016.  For those so inclined, let us offer this day 1) in reparation for any offenses we may have committed, 2) for our current leaders; that they be given the knowledge and wisdom to know how and where to lead us, the strength to lead us where we need to be, and the courage to do so uprightly and 3) as they did all those years ago, let us pray for ‘God’s blessing to be upon us; as a Tribe and upon each and every individual.  Let us especially remember Josh, a Brothertown citizen who will be undergoing surgery that day.
*Interestingly, while the 5th letter of the Indian word for Brotherton is most commonly seen as an “m”, it appears that Occom actually wrote it as a “w”.   On the front page of this journal, someone rewrote the word and divided it into syllables.  Here, that letter is also “w” however, an additional “e” was put at the beginning of the word in this instance.  It reads “Eee Yaw quittoo wauconnock”. You can find the original page here: https://collections.dartmouth.edu/occom/html/diplomatic/785554-diplomatic.html