If you haven’t already seen it on the Brothertown Facebook page, the summer quarterly report is out.  Seth Elsen did a wonderful job!  It is eye-catching and in an easy-to-read format.  There is one article in particular that I would like to share.  It is about our other arm of government: the Peacemakers.   Before I do that though, I need to address something that is missing from this report.

Last November, an item appeared in the quarterly report which incorrectly singled out head Peacemaker Edd Welsh and Peacemaker Dennis Gramentz as not having been sworn in.  Both men had, of course, been sworn in long ago.  This fact has been verified by our Chairman.   Council was emailed with the request that a retraction be printed in the next quarterly report.  However, for some reason Council put this to a vote and decided not to print a retraction.   Why?  If an organization publicly prints an inaccuracy about someone(s), should it not also publicly print a retraction to correct that error?  Both for the sake of the individuals who were wronged and also for recipients who may not know that this was only an error.

While we are on the subject of swearing in Peacemakers, our newest elected Peacemaker, Mr. Greg Wilson, will be sworn in at the Brothertown picnic this Saturday at the BINCC.  Also, Ms. Renee Gralewicz was sworn in as a Peacemaker earlier this year after Peacemaker Caroline Andler resigned.  Here is a copy of that article:

New Peacemaker Named

Congratulations and thank you to Renee Gralewicz for stepping into the Peacemaker position recently vacated by Mrs. Caroline Andler.  Ms. Gralewicz is a veteran of the U.S. Army and currently an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley.  Among other Tribal volunteer projects and positions, she did an exemplary job serving as Tribal Secretary from 2009 until 2014.  While her dedication and abilities will certainly serve the Tribe well in her new capacity, Peacemaker Andler leaves some big shoes to fill.

Mrs. Andler has served as a Peacemaker since 2014. Prior to this, she held numerous positions in the Tribe including Secretary, Genealogist, and Chairperson of the Recognition Committee. Yet none of these titles even begins to reflect the dedication and service she has extended to and for the Tribe and its citizens since the 1990’s. Her dedication to the Brothertown people has often been felt on private and personal levels while at other times, such as with her instrumental involvement in the return of the “Brothertown Collection”, her impact has been felt more broadly.

The Tribe honored her in 2009 with the Joseph Johnson Award for “OUTSTANDING SERVICE to the Tribe.” This was part of a resolution passed by Council which also cited several more of Mrs. Andler’s Brothertown achievements and gave voice to the heartfelt “THANK YOU!” and recognition that her steadfast efforts deserve. She has truly been, and continues to be, someone Joseph Johnson and all of our Brothertown Ancestors can be very proud of.