July 14th is celebrated as Samson Occom’s feast day in the Episcopal Church.  Today, July 14, 2017, marks the 225th year since Occom’s death in 1792. 

I would like to take this occasion to announce the official release of a project that has been in the works this past year. “Samson Occom: The Journey of a Lifetime” is an 11″ resin doll set commemorating the 250th anniversary of Occom’s fundraising trip to England. While this is a tribute set, it was primarily commissioned to raise awareness for Occom and for the Brothertown Indian Tribe which he helped to found.   Miniature items, drawings, portraits and texts incorporated into a display box, help to tell the story of Occom’s life and the founding of Brothertown.

Most of these sets, it is hoped, will be donated to historical societies, museums or other interested parties for display.  Others are promised to Brothertown friends and family.  A very limited number are being offered for sale to the public to help defray some of the costs.  

If you are interested in owning one of these, please visit the following link:  Brothertowncitizen.wordpress.com

If you are a historical society, museum, or nonprofit group and are interested in a display set, please go to the Nonprofits/museum page.

Finally, if you’d simply like to learn more about the doll and/or the life of Samson Occom, please visit the Samson Occom doll information page.

Happy Samson Occom day!