Thank you to all veterans (past, present, and future) who step up and work to make our world a better place. Thank you also to their families who sacrifice so much.

If you were asked to form a mental picture of American soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, World War I or II, the Civil War, or the Revolutionary War, would any of your mental images include Native Americans? If not, all of them should. Native Americans have fought for their country in every single war the US has waged. In fact, Native Americans currently have the highest rate of representation (19%) amongst all ethnicities active in the Armed Forces since 9/11 ( The Brothertown Indians are no exception and have sent soldiers to fight in every US war.

Following are the names of some of the Brothertown Indians who have served their country:

The Revolutionary War (1775-1783)*:

John Adams

Samuel Adams

Solomon Adams

Timothy Brushel

Andrew Curricomb

Christopher Harry

Joseph Johnson

Daniel Mossuck

James Niles

Thomas Occoom

David Occom

Thomas Patchauker

John Paul

Abraham Simons

Emanual Simons

James Simons

John Skeesuck

Benjamin Toucee

Roger Wauby

The Civil War (1861 – 1865)**:

Arthur Adams

George Baker

George Baldwin

Cyrenus Bostwick

Franklin Bostwick

Henry W.F. Bostwick

George W. Brushel

Samuel Brushel

Erwin C. Bulman

Grisel Bulman

Moses J. Coffeen

Charles Coleman

Thomas M. Commuck

Worthington Commuck

Albert D. Cottrell

John B. Coyhis

Zac Coyhis

Hoel R. Crowell

John Morris DeGroat

Asa D. Dick

Benjamin Dick

Charles W. Dick

David Dick

Edgar Morris Dick

Franklin M. Dick

Hubbard Dick

Jacob Dick

John W. Dick

Lucius C. Dick

Orlando D. Dick

Samuel H. Dick

Merrill Fiddler

Israel Fowler

James D. Fowler

Layton Fowler

Lyman Palmer Fowler

Orin Gridley Fowler

William Fowler

Alexander Hammar

George Hammar

Hamilton Hammar

Henry Hammar

Jarus Hammar

John Hammar

John Hammar

John C. Hammar

James A Hart

Orville Amon Hart

Daniel E. Jacques

Ansel J. Johnson

George A. Johnson

Henry Johnson

Henry C. Johnson

Isaac Johnson

Joseph M. Johnson

Lewis Johnson

Loren Murry Johnson

Melville Johnson

Nathaniel H. Johnson

Orlando F. Johnson

Orin Johnson

Oscar Johnson

Ovondo F. Johnson

William H. Johnson

Melvill Johnson

Thomas G. Keeville

George Kindness

James H. Kindness

Lewis Kindness

Orlander Kindness

Solomon Niles

David Occom-Paul

Benjamin Palmer

Rhodolphus Paul

John Pendelton

Melancthon Peters

William Peters

Henry Potter

William H. Reed

Aaron Roberts

George F. Sampson

James J. Sampson

Joel J. Sampson

Julius J. Sampson

Elisha N. Schooner

Luther O. Schooner

John Sears

David Shelley

Henry F. Shelley

John Shelley

Lewis A. Shelley

Simon Shelley, Jr.

Simon Shelley, Sr.

John Simons

John Skeesuck

James Madison Skeesuck

Rufus Skeesuck

Simon Skeesuck

Solomon Skeesuck

Sylvester Skeesuck

Thomas Tokus

Henry Tousey

Aaron Wauby

Lewis F. Wauby

Charles Welch

Cyrus Welch

Hira Welch

Horace Welch

Leroy Welch

Lewis Welch

Erastus Welch, Jr.

Erastus W. Welch

Syranious Welch

Syreannous Welch

William Welch, Jr.

Eli Wiggins

Hiram Wiggins

Ira D. Wiggins

Leander Wiggins

Martin Wiggins

Son Wiggins

Romance Wyatt


We Keep a Fire For the Dead”
We keep a fire for the dead whose spirits walk before us

Who, shoes exchanged for eagle’s wings, now sing angelic chorus

Though they no longer walk the land in Brothertown today

Our hearts remain forevermore where’er our brethren lay

~A Brothertown Citizen


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