Congratulations to Brothertown author and artist Suzette Fell Buhr on the release of her new book, Mama Rae’s Rocks And Rhymes!  

Suzette emailed this morning saying, “over the last 4 years, I have been slowly working on a book about my hobby of rocks, gems and minerals. Many of you have seen my Designs in a Nutshell necklaces and they are also on display in this book on pages 131, 205, and 221.  I finally finished this book and it’s officially published on now! The title is: Mama Rae’s Rocks and Rhymes. Check it out! And share it with all your friends and co-workers! Here is the link ”

Over the years, Suzette has created many one-of-a-kind black walnut shell necklaces with gemstones embedded in them.  Here are photos of some of her beautiful creations:

Congratulations, Suzette!