Photo credit: Thank you to Gabriel Kastelle for taking this picture in August at the Mohegan museum.


~Peacemaker Renee Gralewicz gave a Zoom presentation on The Brothertown Collection on the 27th of August.  Among other things, the talk included background information on how the Collection was obtained, an index of some of the contents, and several scans of letters written by Brothertons who served during the Civil War.  A recording of this presentation should be available soon.  Please contact for further information.

~Also via Zoom AND in person at the BINCC, Craig Cottrell will be doing a talk on our Brothertown Constitution September 16th immediately following the Council meeting that day (approximately 1:30pm CT).  All Brothertons are welcome to attend.  Please contact Brothertown Forward ( for login information.

~The deadline for submitting articles or member news for the next quarterly report is October 10th.  Please have everything in to Seth Elsen ( by that date.  If you did not receive the summer edition this past July, please contact the office to update your email address.  If you normally receive your newsletter via the US Post Office, you did not receive the summer issue.  The editor very recently learned that there was a problem in the relay to the printer and the last edition was never printed.   He hopes to avoid similar problems and delays by working more directly with the printer in the future.

~Mark your calendars for Brothertown Homecoming October 21st.

~The next trip to “old Brothertown” in New York for cemetery clean up is scheduled for the first weekend in November (Nov. 3-5).  Current plans are to arrive at the local hotel Friday evening, go out to the cemeteries Saturday morning and then spend some portion of the afternoon with local historical society members and do some sightseeing.  A trip to nearby Hamilton College may also be in the works.  If you’d like to participate, please contact me at

~Finally, I am pleased to report that a number of the Samson Occom doll display sets have found homes.  If you’d like to visit one, they can be found at the Mohegan Tribal museum in CT, Amherst College in Massachusetts, Marshall Historical Society in New York, and soon, in Wisconsin at the Brothertown Museum and at the Wisconsin Historical Society.   Additionally, an Occom travel set will be auctioned off at the Tribal Homecoming on October 21st.   I still have a few doll sets available for sale.  If you are interested in one of them, please let me know.