On May 19, 1859, the Wisconsin town that had become home to the Brothertown Indians officially became known as “Brothertown”.  The Brothertown Indians had originally named their new home in Wisconsin “Deansborough” in honor of their agent and friend, Thomas Dean. After the Brotherton became US citizens in 1839, a US Post Office was officially established.  On March 7, 1840, the first postmaster, Thomas Commuck, chose “Pequot” as the town’s official name.  In 1859, and several postmasters later, the name changed again. Under the leadership of Walton Ball, it became known as “Brothertown”.  In between these 2 official names, “Manchester” was also used for a period. 

Photo Credit: The photo above was taken by Gabriel Kastelle. The page shown is from the Brothertown Collection, Box 7, Otto Heller Correspondence file “Correspondences  1832 – 1949”; Accession Number A2010.022.120 (item number 120).